The Nipple Debate – Pink or Brown?

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Many men consider the nipples of a woman a huge turn-on. In fact, the general area of the breasts is enough to spark a raging hard-on in most men. Men have different tastes in women, as do women themselves have different tastes in men. Some men prefer large breasts, others prefer smaller ones. Some like large nipples, others like smaller, petite nipples. Most men fancy more buxom and fuller women as compared to the slimmer girls. It doesn’t matter what preference one has about the type of woman one would date, as long as the compatibility exists between both of you.

Of late, there has been a rise in the number of debates over which nipple color is preferred by men, and by the women themselves. So far, majority of people seem to be of the opinion that pink nipples are definitely sexier than brown nipples, although there are those who say that brown nipples do it for them. The fact remains that pink nipples remain a huge turn-on (for both men and women).

The thing about pink nipples that turns on most men is the fact that they imply an innocent nature. A woman who has had sex before tends to have browner nipples, after all the stimulation and rubbing. But a young virgin girl has pink nipples, which tend to indicate a more pure “unused” nature and this is what attracts men so much.

You can get pink nipples by use of a special cream. The Bio-Woman Pink Cream is made using herbal extracts. It moisturizes and conditions both the nipples and the area around them. It works through the elimination of dark spots and removal of dead skin cells. This leaves the much pinker underlying skin, which is the result you wanted.

Pink nipples are all the rage these days. Porn actresses with pink nipples and big boobs are more in demand that ever. More and more clips feature women with pink nipples. You can also apply normal skin lightening cream around your nipple area to lighten the nipples and make them appear lighter and thus more attractive.

Also, the nipples can be dusted off with some baby powder. This will have the same soothing effect it normally has on a baby’s skin. Most of the times you tend to ignore baby powder but it actually does work in terms of giving your skin that lighter, fuller, baby-skin look.

When all these steps have been followed, you can confidently possess a great pair of breasts with pink nipples to boot!!

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