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The nipples of a woman are in fact a turn-on for men. In fact the entire breast area of a woman is enough to stir the man’s sexual organ in readiness to have sex. Different men prefer different woman taste just like is the case with woman. Some men want large breast whereas others prefer smaller ones. Some prefer large nipples whereas others prefer smaller ones. In most cases men would fancy fuller women as compared to slimmer ones. These factors don’t really matter much as long as one gets a woman that is compatible to him.

Lately there has been heated debate over the type f nipple color that most man and women themselves prefer. It was noted that most people like the pink nipples as they regard them as sexier as compared to the brown nipples although there is another group who prefer the brown nipples as they say that the brown nipples work for them. However the fact still remains that the pink nipples are a turn on to many men even to women also. The reason why many men prefer the pink nipples is that it depicts some innocence. The pink nipples depicts that the woman is innocent and has never had sex before unlike the brown nipples which depicts that the woman has had sex before due to the stimulation and rubbing in the process.

Pink nipples is common to a young virgin girl therefore it indicates the element of purity meaning that it has never been used before and this is what most men like so much. For women who would want to get back the pink nipples they can use the Bio-Woman Pink Cream which is made from an herbal extract. It eliminates dark spots and removes dead cells in the breast.

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