Pink nipples are so cute

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The only thing that I like better than looking at some erect pink nipples on a naturally hot and sexy chick is making those nipples erect myself by playing with them. And the only thing that I like better than playing with these pink nipples is sucking on them until they get all lumpy and hard and stick upright so that I know her pussy is probably getting wet too. Pink nipples are just as nice as part of the female body as the boobs themselves, the girls’ ass and her little hooded clit. The reason that many guys and ladies get to see more of the nipples is because they are not at taboo as the pussy is.

Girls like to play with their tits while they masturbate which makes them get even more turned on than they normally would be otherwise. Nipple play is all a part of the foreplay when a man or woman gets the other person very aroused by playing or sucking on the nipples. Blowing your load on a nice pair of hard pink nipples is also a great way to end the sexual encounter, especially if she can lick the jiz off her own tits. It does not matter who pretty a girl is in the face once you have gotten an eyeful of her pink nipples you will never want to look away. Going to the strip clubs is a great idea to get your eyes on some pink nipples and if you are luck the stripper might give you a happy ending all over them.

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